The opening of Knowledge Network’s 2018 fun, progressive learning programme and coding-for-everyone-in-the-class took place at The Westcliff, now The Four Seasons Hotel.

“Something cool, new” for schools with an extra time slot for learning how to meaningfully integrate technology in learning was launched by Jil at the same time.

The Four Seasons Hotel is Jil’s go-to place for events involving achievement, celebrations, resting the mind, clearing out of old thoughts to create space to learn something new. It is the place to laugh, have fun with friends and eat delicious foods.

The 2018 launch events included fantasy creatures created during Jil’s ILAMM™, a learning methodology for learning involving information technology.

The new Knowledge Network sprite called Shape for drawing, coding, programming, block-coding and animation was created during the launch events.

“According to a new report from the World Economic Forum, it is clear that creativity at work is going to be one of the most important and in-demand skills in the next five years.” Other skills at the top of the in-demand list for 2020 include: complex problem solving, critical thinking, people management, coordinating with others and emotional intelligence.”

For many South African schools, Knowledge Network’s project-based, progressive learning programme using Jil’s learning methodology is their solution for keeping their learners upskilled in the information technologies of the day and for the simultaneous development of creativity, critical thinking, problem solving ability, life skills and communication.

“We acknowledge that we live in a technology- and media-immersed world with access to an abundance of information, rapid changes in technological tools, and the ability to collaborate and make individual contributions to society. Pridwin Preparatory School has state-of-art computer and robotics centres. iPads are allocated to every Grade. The Knowledge Network curriculum is followed from Grade 0 through to Grade 7, and the skills that are developed are integrated into the other subjects.

The academic curriculum comes alive and is given relevance through the use of different technological resources, such as interactive whiteboards and Apple TV, in every classroom. The library is well stocked for leisure and research purposes.” Pridwin Preparatory School web site 29 May 2018

“Skills learnt from the KN Progressive Learning Programme gives the learners the necessary skills to complete their daily tasks. They are able to transfer what they learnt to their other learning areas. They are able to professionally design projects using skills taught.” Kashmeera Sivrathan and Nirmala Lakha, Shree Bharat Sharda Mandir Independent School

SBSM’s Pre-school to Grade 11 learners participate in the Knowledge Network Progressive Learning Programme.

The Four Seasons is a perfect space for a launch. A happy hillside village atmosphere in a big city overlooking the zoo with panoramic views of Jozi’s man-made urban forest.

It is also the perfect space to refresh a team for the “same-old, same-old – a winning formula that is proven and works” and to prepare a team for something new.

The food – known and unknown, the view, smells, art, photography, drawings, graphics, the buildings, technology, wifi installations for a village setting, social, new general knowledge, creativity, camaraderie, friendship, animals, the service, people, lifestyle, support infrastructure, systems, the speed at which things need to happen to keep people feeling confident, empowered, productive and happy.

On a clear day you can see right into the heart of the Magaliesburg Mountains. In the cool of the night you can hear lions roar into the sky. And sometimes, if they feel like it, the great African elephants position themselves in a gap in the trees for your delight.

The changing seasons blanket the suburb streets in a sea of purple blooms, 

spring greens and the rich oranges, reds and yellows of autumn.

The Westcliff has witnessed many Knowledge Network launches, staff birthday celebrations and celebrations of achievements – one being the first 80% pass rates achieved by schools for the Knowledge Network Diploma Programme (KN Level 05 for Grade 11 / Grade 12). Educators were flown up from Port Elizabeth and Durban to be celebrated in a style to match their outstanding achievement.

In addition to the opening the Knowledge Network Progressive Learning Programme for 2018, Jil launched the “something cool, new” programme for schools with extra time slots – Grade 04 to Grade 11.

The first implementation of this programme has taken place at Shree Bharat Sharda Mandir Independent School in their extra lesson time slots this year (once a week 40 minute lessons). This is in addition to the Knowledge Network Progressive Learning Programme (once a week 45 to 60 minute lessons).

Here is how the “Something cool, new” looks

Term 01
Developing with KN-10up, including tools – Google Earth, Oxford dictionary, Math and language

“KN-10up was thoroughly enjoyed by the learners. This programme incorporated the different academic learning areas such as Mathematics, English, Human Social Sciences, etc. Learners were able to showcase their creativity and paid attention to every detail when completing their project. Learners developed their story telling skills.”

HTML – Luge Sport Facts (KN S 08)

Term 02

“HTML sessions were enjoyed by the learners. The learners grasped the knowledge and realised that when they typed the code they were able to generate a web page. The learners were amazed at the end result. The learners managed the assessments and achieved excellent results.”

Term 03

“Animation is being taught currently and the learners are able to navigate through the programme easily. Learners are taught how to use animation to demonstrate motion and concepts visually. Animation is used to show how things come together and work together. Learners are able to apply their imagination and become creative. Learners are more focused and determined to see the end result.”

All of the above has been achieved using technology and software the school already had, one new free app and 3 days of upskilling by Jil for educators at Knowledge Network in Rivonia

Knowledge Network Progressive Learning Programme is a lot of fun, “awesome” in fact, has a strong business base, the sessions are exciting and almost all of them develop skills that are re-usable in the other learning areas, at varsity and in the workplace. This serves to score better points for their school projects using whichever is the chosen device at school and using whichever is their chosen device at home.

It is possible to learn how to complete a project on a Windows computer in the school lab, then go home do the project on your iPad, then submit it.

Or learn how to complete a project so that when you have your own technology at home or you enter the workplace, you have the skills.

Knowledge Network’s internal and outsourced teams’ creative input for the creativity refresh day

“If your team is to enable a refresh in others, open the way for “something cool, new” then best they refresh their own creative abilities from time to time.” Jil Hrdliczka, Founder Knowledge Network.

KN’s new, movable, programmable sprite called Shape by Ann
Animated bird by Ann, photography by Ann, Ashley and Gerry,
Photo compilation by Jil
Fantasy creature friends Butterhorse, Doodillish, Turtapilla, Duckant, Zrog and Parrohorse by Ashley,
Creative technical genius “making whatever technology you have work” by Vivian from The HD Guys
Project briefings by Jil
Responses to questions for new general knowledge – The Four Season Hotel highly trained and experienced staff
Ftp servers for transfer of info by Afrihost and app WeTransfer
Taxi, Metrobus, Uber transport service and affordability feedback by Nanzile and Shenaaz
Feedback on the emotional experience of the new learning by Nanzile and Shenaaz
Web page to showcase the launch and inspire by Keegan and Alister of Digital Cloud