Jil presented the first of her 2018

ILAMM - Integrated Learning and Mentoring Methodology®

courses to educators from schools in Worcester, Tzaneen, Mbombela, Bela-Bela, Victory Park, Ruimsig, Edenvale and a remedial school in Johannesburg.

Jil presented the first of her 2018 ILAMM – Integrated Learning and Mentoring Methodology® courses to educators from schools in Worcester, Tzaneen, Mbombela, Bela-Bela, Victory Park, Ruimsig, Edenvale and a remedial school in Johannesburg.

The famous integration of technology in learning course workshops, the Knowledge Network Starter Packs for educators new to ILAMM™ – Integrated Learning and Mentoring Methodolgy® and how the Knowledge Network materials work per level – Pre-School to Grd 12 were covered during the training event.

Course lunches were decided by the group, pizza and platters from caterers in the same area as the Knowledge Network Rivonia Admin Office.

The course also included a Q&A Session introducing a possible new product for integration of technology in learning. Answers were provided via WeChat by International Sales Manager Michelle Chou from the company Fitouch, based in Shenzhen, China. The company produces interactive white boards and interactive LED displays for conferencing and learning. Interactive LED displays are interactive whiteboards, projectors and computers in one. It was established during the Q&A connection to other devices is via USB or via wireless screen share. Available sizes are 65, 70, 75, 80 and 86 inches. Educators with a technical background provided the questions for the group during the “understand new technologies” part of the course.

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The usual fun, giggles, laughter, hard work, creative work, awesome food, nutella biscuits and awesome learning associated with Jil’s learning methodology were experienced by all.

During the course, educators both male and female, voted in Knowledge Network®’s colour for 2018. It is magenta. The business meaning of the colour magenta is:

Magenta is a colour of universal harmony and emotional balance.

It is spiritual yet practical, encouraging common sense and a balanced outlook on life.

Magenta represents universal love at its highest level.

It promotes compassion, support and kindness and encourages a sense of self-respect and contentment in those who use it.

It can assist ambitions and desires to become reality.

Physiologically magenta helps us to flow with life and let go of old ideas.

The colours for previous years are: 2017 orange for business adventure, fun, social communication, 2016 blue for understanding, confidence, stability and depth, 2015 turquoise for healing, emotional stability and balance, 2014 purple for wealth, wisdom, royalty, creativity, inspiration and magic and 2013 green for nature, prosperity, growth, youth, luck and money.

The course dinner for out-of-towners was held at the Hard Rock Cafe, Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton City, Johannesburg. The Nelson Mandela Square, within walking distance of the Sandton Gautrain Station, is generally filled with international and local guests. Locals use the square to meet friends, chill, network and eat delicious foods.

Food ordered included ribs, pulled pork, steak, meat burgers, chips and vegetarian spring rolls. Drinks included tap and bottled water, the Hard Rock Cafe’s cocktails and South African beer. Knowledge exchanges about the different parts of South Africa and fun stories about life formed part of the dinner table talk as well as the usual politics, weather, families, family life, pets, wildlife and kids. Photographs and good music were shared.

About the weather – there was a typical Johannesburg isolated storm on the same night. The delegates were sitting on the terrace at the Hard Rock Cafe, they then casually walked through a rain-free Nelson Mandela Square and on exiting the parking garage were introduced to Sandton’s mini flash floods, a strong downpour with visibility less than 3 meters and streets swirling with water. Comments included – “Wow, I did not know what hit me,” “I thought I was on a different planet”, “Scary, without gps there is no way of getting home”, “Glad I had a safe driver.”

The dinner anecdote of note was Jil’s re-telling of her fun and positive experience at a South African Presidential Gala Dinner a few weeks earlier where steak medallions were served and Jil was in a fun way reprimanded by her table guests for leaving meat on the table as she is a vegetarian.

Far stronger comments about the South African etiquette of eating all meat on the table were received from educators from Worcester, Tzaneen, Bela-Bela, Edenvale, Ruimsig, Edenvale, Mbombela and Sandton. And Jil’s team at the Knowledge Network Rivonia Admin Office said “Jily, not eating meat at a South African Presidential Gala Dinner – what were you thinking!!!!”

The first of the 2018 ILAMM courses was a success with educators ready to achieve great results again in 2018, using Jil’ integrated learning methodology and Knowledge Network’s Progressive Learning Programme for learners in pre-school to matric. It is all about learning to use technology as a tool for schoolwork, for varsity, in the workplace, in life and learning – for educators and learners.