At age 25 Jil was appointed as Principal by Damelin Education Group to establish a computer school under the Damelin banner. Not only did she achieve this with remarkable speed and competence, but under her management the school grew to be the largest computer training institution in the country. Damelin Education Group CEO of the day, Mr Johann Brummer, said “she responded to marketing opportunities with exemplary entrepreneurship by identifying needs and then creating the products and infrastructure to meet these needs. Jil’s knowledge of software, her general computer expertise and her formidable teaching skills have become legendary.”

At age 27, Jil was appointed a director and shareholder of the Damelin Education Group consisting of the Damelin Correspondence College, Damelin Centre for Business Studies, Damelin Management School, Damelin Computer School, Damelin College High School and Damelin Highlight Publications.

Jil’s next project was the launch of  her own business Knowledge Network, K-Net for short.


Damelin Building Construction 1983


Damelin Computer School Turns 4

Longyear saves with DTP

One of the finer forms of electronic art

Jil Hrdliczka

Jil Hrdliczka

Damelin Team

Jil Hrdliczka

Jil Hrdliczka

A new computer course for school leavers

Order for new computers

Raise your Saturday prospects - Microsoft

Two new branches for Damelin Computer School opened

Damelin opens career doors

PC support recognised as a job

PC support recognised

Damelin - Training to suit market needs

Training and the PC

Environment training is key to Damelin Computer School

X-On, Damelin sign training deal

Damelin to train X-On customers in software

Do it yourself ...with a little

Computerised accounting at Damelin

Damelin to offer SuperCalc training

Damelin to provide SuperCalc5 training

Most admired company awards 1992

Successful CAI is marriage of computer and tutor

Computerology is the word- Damelin turns it into one syllable

Damelin opening two more computer schools

Dameline training for Colgate-Palmolive

Damelin Computer School Award


Damelin makes studying fun

Jil Hrdliczka

Focus is on the jobs market

Damelin becomes Accpac training centre

Damelin is authorised AccPac centre

Damelin offers comprehensive course for first-time DTP'er

Strong Robyn beating brain damage

Damelin computer school appointed as Lotus authorised training centre

New studio in Rosebank

Launch of Damelin Braamfontein


Damelin Computer School Awards