Jil Attends the ANC Conference

15 Dec 2017, NASREC Expo Centre and reports back to us on the business events

The events were attended by business people, business leaders, politicians, press, TV crews for live and pre-recorded TV broadcasts, journalists, reporters, writers, entrepreneurs, local and international observers, exhibitors, ANC voters, international guests, ambassadors and other members of the diplomatic corps, who Jil met or who were announced at the various events Jil attended, from UK, USA, Germany, EU, Netherlands, Vietnam, India and Australia.

The business events run at the 54th ANC National Conference at NASREC were organised by the ANC Progressive Business Forum.

Business Events included:

Presidential Gala Dinner

Business Breakfasts

Business Lunches


Business Networking in the business lounges

Support of local traders

Exhibitors and guests support small business

ANC Merchandising – a great sales opportunity for vendors to generate income before the close of the year 2017.

Staff at the Knowledge Network stand selected dresses with green and yellow detail as a reminder of five days of 06:30 to 19:00 working hours, fun and the opportunity to meet hundreds of interesting and knowledgeable people from all over South Africa.

A perfectly beaded bangle in ANC colours was bought from a beautiful old lady at the entrance to the Exhibition Hall 5 for Jil.

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Business Breakfasts

The guest list for the Business Breakfasts included business leaders, business people, observers, news reporters, press, photographers, TV crews for live and pre-recorded TV shows, diplomats, ambassadors, exhibitors.

Business Breakfasts were an early start each day with arrival and registration at 06:30 and the breakfast starting at 07:00. The Business Breakfasts enabled attendees to network, meet members of the international community, diplomats, ambassadors and to listen to important information and insights provided by the guest speakers.

The question and answer time was well received with the guest speakers listening carefully to what was asked and responding with explanations, possible solutions, procedures to follow or other alternatives for solutions.


Guest speaker

Hon Malusi Gigaba – Minister of Finance

Business Breakfast – Sunday 17 Dec 2017

Guest speaker

Hon Rob Davies – Minister of Trade and Industry

Business Breakfast – Monday 18 Dec 2017

Guest speaker

Hon Lindiwe Zulu – Minister of Small Business Development

Business Breakfast – Tuesday 19 Dec 2017

Guest speaker

Hon Ebrahim Patel – Minister of Economic Development

Business Breakfast – Wednesday 20 Dec 2017

Guest Speaker

Hon Jeff Radebe – Minister in the Presidency

Business Lunches
Jil is invited to join the business lunches excellently hosted by the ANC Zone 11 Region, hosts for the Exhibition.

Business lunches included discussions, knowledge exchanges, open conversations with personal feelings and opinions expressed, “Know your Region” Quiz Sessions, lots of questions, entertainment, talks by veterans and healthy, good food.

Jil reports the hosts were fun, welcoming, knowledgeable, friendly, charming, polite, helpful, easy to talk to, inviting, professional and business like with a great sense humour.

Fashion at Conference
The Knowledge Network Team who manned the Knowledge Network stand at the exhibition reported it was their first time at an ANC Progressive Business Forum managed exhibition.

Feeback from them:

Fun, a lot of fun.

Learned a lot.

Met hundreds of people from all over South Africa – a very valuable experience. A chance to meet people they would never ordinarily meet during a normal business day. They heard of and learned about towns in South Africa they have never visited. The ability to interact with people from all over the world, communicate effectively and establish a business connection of some form is a life skill. Knowledge Network’s Founder Jil believes every opportunity for a working team to gain additional communication, business, social and knowledge exchange skills is invaluable.

The Knowledge Network Team manning the exhibition stand reported they lost a few kilos (working hours 06:30 – 19:00) – with few or no breaks so no person who passed the stand was missed.


“The people at the ANC Conference were generous with their time, when handing them a business card they all stopped, were open to listen to us, even if it did not apply to them, they were still polite enough to listen and respond with kindness. This given the serious nature of the conference voting and their long working hours was noted and appreciated.

If the Knowledge Network products applied to them they were enthusiastic to discuss how the products could fit into their areas for the betterment of their communities.

Most people were generally happy, positive, enthusiastic and keen to learn more and look for practical solutions that could work for them.

Mostly the people who were approached were warm, friendly and full of fun – many laughs, tons of photos, great fashion and awesome camaraderie.

It was a great honour to meet the President of South Africa and the newly elected President of the ANC – made us feel proud of the work we do, that our contribution to our company is valued, needed, respected and worth our company’s investment in us as individuals in a working team.”

Guest list included ministers, business leaders, business professionals, ambassadors, diplomats, press, TV crews, observers, politicians

Welcoming remarks by ANC Treasurer General Dr Zweli Mkhize

Grace by Rev Dr Vukile Mehana

Entertainment by Loyisa Bala and Tshedi Mholo

Keynote address by President of South Africa, His Excellency Jacob G. Zuma


Smoked salmon roulade with yoghurt dill dressing

Dukka spiced medallions of beef with a mushroom, pesto and cream cheese filling accompanied by pear william and herbed hollandaise sauce

Fresh seasonal vegetables

Lavender scented crème brûlée in an espresso cup

Jil reports back on the Presidential Gala Dinner event
security procedures, proceedings, food, fashion, entertainment, table talk and the music.
Service Description Score
Security checkpoint  Explanations of what to do / where to go, service from police, security officials at the car ramps for checking underneath cars and how to drive onto and off the ramps, sniffer dog checks, sniffer dog handlers, car checks, bags and body searches and instructions of what to do, where to be and when Perfect
Car waiting area  Security checkpoint car waiting area arrangements and instructions Perfect
Police escort  Police escort from security checkpoint to venue Perfect
Welcome  Welcome of guests from police escort handover to police escort to venue Perfect
Police escort  Police escort to venue entrance Perfect
Reception  Reception and welcome to the venue Perfect
Entrance security  Entrance security check – bag and body screening Perfect
Shuttle service  Shuttle service – after the dinner – from the event to the security car park Perfect
Pre-dinner Pre-dinner background music, water, drinks and chats
Music by The Mordern Grooves – band leader Stanley

Dinner Anecdotes (Jil’s table)

“Being a vegetarian, I (Jil) was carefully and in a really fun way reprimanded for not eating the beef on my plate. I was advised when dining with Zulu men I should be aware that there should be no meat left on the table after the meal. Fun instructions were given to me on how I should order my meals or handle the meat on my plate for the rest of the conference. All good – the instructions worked well at all the business breakfasts and business lunches.”

“My table – the best in the room for views of all the proceedings for the night and the guests seated at my table were fun, a lot of fun – there was much laughter, joking, explanations of how the ANC voting system works, speculation as to the possible voting outcomes  and story telling about city business people visiting rural areas for events. I learned that catching a cow for slaughter for an event required a great deal of skill and experience. Most city dwellers do not have these skills so their experiences can be quite hilarious when re-told at a Presidential Gala Dinner. Of course in between the good food and fun, there was the usual exchange of business details and personal introductions. Awesome evening – thank you.”

Description My Opinion
Women’s Fashion Overall – mostly conservative, chic, elegant – we did ourselves proud
Handling by the guests of all the instructions, security processes and proceedings great performance by those in my space


Presidential Gala Dinner organised by the ANC Progressive Business Forum (PBF)

Short Clip of Music played at Gala
Meet, greet and quick chat

President of South Africa – Jacob Zuma and newly elected ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa and staff of the Knowledge Network stand at the Exhibition Centre at NASREC

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